07 May 2012

Postcard from New Mexico- 6

7 May 2012

Santa Fe

Bought fuel for the truck today. Yikes! Over 55 gal at $4.16/gal. We usually need 25-30 gal for a single day, so this was a shocker.

And I carefully added the Racor Diesel Conditioner +. Even managed to get most of it in the tanks. I had previously used a Power Service diesel conditioner from WallyWorld and wasn't too sure if I was really doing the right thing.

Local restaurant

Crumbpacker's in South Santa Fe
When we first stopped here at Santa Fe Skies RV Park in 2009, there was a great pizza place just up the road (NM-14). Sadly the south Santa Fe location of Back Roads Pizza is closed (the original on 2nd St is still operating).

First a sandwich shop opened which was a disappointment (Bisbee Deli?) and didn't last long. That was replaced by the current food, pastry & coffee place called Crumbpacker's. It's an excellent restaurant and I expect it to become even more popular. They're open for breakfast & lunch, serve coffee drinks (espresso, etc) while they're open, and they have some great pastries. Open at 7:00 and closed by 3:00 PM. Admiral recommended and it's just a couple miles North of the park.
Fruit cheesecake... wow!

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