26 June 2010

Postcard from Kansas

24-26 June 2010
(Goodland, KS)
All the ladies out for a walk
KOA in Goodland, KS. Very well cared for.
It was an easy drive from La Junta, CO to Goodland in Kansas and took us on a tour of the area's farmland. The KOA in Goodland turned out to be a small but nice campground. The owner's wife did some cooking for guests and you could order what she had on the limited menu for that nite and it would be delivered to your site at a time of your choosing. Plus she was up early to cook breakfast as well. I thought "Yeah, sure" till I saw that she offered biscuits & gravy. Yikes! I might have to live here!

Old country recipe for stuffed cabbage... to die for!
Our one-niter turned into 2 nites. Then during the 2nd nite Celia came down with a bug. I asked for a 3rd night but unfortunately it was a Saturday and this KOA was booked. By 9:00 AM the Admiral was feeling better, so she thought it would be OK to push on. We made a couple stops along side the road (nice to have your outhouse with you!), but mostly she did fine. Pretty soon we were in North Platte, NE.

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