24 June 2010

Postcard from Colorado

23-24 June 2010
(La Junta, CO)

On 23 June we disconnected at Santa Fe Skies RV Park and launched for Colorado & eventually Canada. I'd planned to stop for the night in Trinidad, CO, but when we got there it didn't look promising. The addresses I'd written down seemed to be motels that might allow RVs in their parking lot for $$$. Not what we were looking for so we moved on to the KOA in La Junta, CO. It turned out to be a great drive taking us via state highways thru the Colorado Grassland Reserve.

La Junta is 100% farming town. They were irrigating throughout the area and the irrigation ditch running past the park, about 50 feet from our site, was full to the top and moving slowly. Of course that meant mosquitoes. Oh joy. We had thought we'd at least be OK thru Colorado but that wasn't going to happen.

Diesel wasn't easy to find but when I did I was a happy camper: the price was about 25 cents/gal cheaper than New Mexico. We also spotted a WalMart but didn't need a stop there. So this is a decent stop.

La Junta was a one-niter and we were away the next morning for Goodland, KS.

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