19 January 2010

Postcard from Louisiana- 2

Lafayette, LA

We made a 2nd visit to Fezzo's and were as happy as the first visit. This time we tried chicken & sausage gumbo. Amazing. Spicey, but not as hot as the last green chile I had at Castro's in Santa Fe.

As mentioned, we extended our stay 2 more days. We had hoped to take it easy but at least see a few things. That wasn't to be. Our colds had us flattened and the best we could do was watch a couple football games. Just as well as the weather was crap too. Not freezing at nite, but ...

I've made reservations for us to stay a couple nites at the KOA in Gulf Shores, AL and very near Pensacola, FL. The forecast is for warmer weather starting Monday, the day we leave.